Does your mouth hurt? Want a better smile? Looking for the right dentist? Need a Medicare Advantage or insurance plan with great dental coverage?

DenScore is a FREE web application that provides answers to all of your dental questions so you can make smarter decisions about your dental treatment and oral health!

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Who do we help?



People use DenScore's web application to get free advice so they can make better decisions about their dental treatment and oral health.

Dental Plans

Dental Plans

DenScore's web application enables insurance carriers to provide a better dental benefits experience to their members and clients.

Health Navigators

Health Navigators

DenScore partners with health navigation companies so they're able to offer a dental point solution that reduces employers' healthcare spending.

Why DenScore and How Does it Work?

After practicing dentistry for 14 years, Dr. Gernhofer realized that consumers do not have the right information at their fingertips to make informed decisions about their dental care needs. As is the case with most healthcare professionals, dentists can vary substantially in how they diagnose and treat dental disease. This can result in people receiving dental care that isn’t in their best interests. DenScore’s web-based application provides users with personalized guidance that they may not receive from a dentist, insurance plan or online search. DenScore users get answers to their most pressing dental needs and curated tips on how to receive high quality and affordable dental care at the right time.



Dr. Kyle Gernhofer

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle leads DenScore’s product strategy, operations and sales. He ensures that DenScore continues to empower its users in new ways so they can access high quality dental care. After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Kyle treated thousands of patients as a Naval Dental Officer and private practice dentist at Mission Boulevard Dental Group in San Diego, CA.


Charlie Hubbard

Chief Data Officer

Charlie is DenScore’s lead data scientist and is also responsible for designing and building the data infrastructure that powers DenScore’s products. He graduated from Iowa State University with an MS in Computer Engineering and has worked as a data scientist and data science manager for Meta and Hy-Vee. Charlie specializes in creating enterprise-level machine learning products to extract actionable insights from big data. 


Kushagra Goel

Project Manager

Kushagra is DenScore’s project manager. Kushagra’s experience in early-stage technical and entrepreneurial projects allows him to take on a variety of responsibilities in the development of DenScore’s products. His work involves prototyping, testing, and quality control of DenScore applications, along with managing and maintaining a large part of DenScore’s online infrastructure.

Dr. Gita Yitta

Dental Public Health Lead

Gita has ten years of public health experience serving Medicaid members, veterans, and tribal communities. She holds multiple dental directorships to help improve healthcare outcomes using cost-effective, evidence-based care coordination. Her focus has been on understanding the impacts of dental policy on oral health equity. She received her dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Daniel De Camp

Lead Engineer

Daniel is a former mixed martial artist turned software consultant. As DenScore’s lead engineer, he manages the front and back-end development of our application and supports the integration needs with enterprise clients.


Casey Walsh

Digital Design Strategist

Casey develops visual communication tactics to help us reach our audience. She graduated from the University of Kansas and has experience working with brands like Intel, Centene, MARS, etc. Her passion lies in working with  startups to help develop their brands. She also runs her own design business out of St. Louis, MO.

Lea Sedlo Stucka

Social Media Content Editor

Lea is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Her background includes experience in health-related graphic design, marketing, and communications. She plays a role in DenScore’s mission of educating the public on oral healthcare so they can make informed and improved health choices.

Dr. Manuel Salvadores

Professional Advisor

Manuel is a software engineer at Google Inc. with 20+ years of experience in research and industry, and a PhD in Computer Science. With 6+ years as a hands-on technical manager and a versatile focus on back-end and data engineering, Manuel helps design and build our APIs and data infrastructure. 


Matthew Wiles

Professional Advisor

Matthew Wiles is a partner for one of the most highly regarded law firms in the United States. He is a serial entrepreneur and serves as an advisor for multiple tech start-up companies. In addition to advising DenScore on regulatory/compliance issues, Matthew offers guidance on business strategy, financial matters and overall operations.

Dr. Amit Acharya

Professional Advisor

Dr. Acharya is a dentist, computer scientist and the Chief Research Officer of Advocate Aurora Health. He is a renowned biomedical informatics researcher and leader in value-based care modeling who lectures around the world. Dr. Acharya also sits on the Dental Quality Alliance committee, which was established by the American Dental Association, to identify performance measures for oral health care.

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