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How DenScore Helps Dental Insurers

DenScore enables dental insurers to decrease claims spending and increase revenue while providing added value to their customer base.

Helps patients make better choices

Helps patients make better choices

How do you know if patients are receiving high quality dental care? DenScore provides dental insurers with valuable provider insight so patients are better informed.

Enables dental insurers to build the best network​

Enables dental insurers to build the best network​

How do dental insurers find the best dentists to join their network? DenScore is used by sales teams to locate and recruit the highest quality providers.

Assists actuaries and underwriters

Assists actuaries and underwriters

DenScore data provides added insight when pricing group plans, allowing insurers to better serve employers and their employees.

How Does it Work?

 DenScore is a software solution for insurers designed by a team of dentists which leverages dental claims data and patient feedback to measure dental performance. Dentists are measured in three categories comprised of the most clinically relevant quality metrics. Each metric is weighed on how it impacts patients from an oral health and cost standpoint. Based on dentists’ performance in each category, they receive an overall score known as a DenScore. DenScore benefits dental insurers in multiple ways, while enabling them to better serve patients, large employers, brokers and even dentists!


About Us

Dr. Kyle Gernhofer – CEO

Dr. Gernhofer has been a dentist for 15 years, and he’s treated thousands of patients while working alongside many providers. As a private practice clinician, he realized that dental insurers and patients have no way of knowing how good a dentist is. Online review forums and referrals help a bit but they don’t provide objective insight about dental performance such as diagnostic abilities or how well a dentist does a ‘filling’ or a ‘crown’ compared to his/her peers. DenScore provides an added level of transparency for dental insurers, enabling them to better serve their customers including patients, employers and even dentists! 

Dr. Gernhofer graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. He practiced dentistry for 15 years as a Naval dental officer and private practice dentist. He received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (COMM) and Navy Achievement Medal (NAM) for his leadership and clinical performance while serving as a dental officer aboard the USS TORTUGA (LSD-46) and Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD) respectively. As a private practice dentist, Dr. Gernhofer was consistently recognized as one of San Diego’s top dentists by his patients and peers.  


James Armstead
Lead Developer

James is a serial entrepreneur and has functioned as a senior developer/product management consultant for Fortune 100 companies in the US for over 15 years.  He has served as a senior web developer, consultant or product manager for companies such as Dwolla, John Deere, Principal and Allstate. He has built dozens of web and mobile applications for businesses throughout the country. James is based out of Des Moines, Iowa. 

Melissa Cooper
User Experience Strategy and Design

Melissa’s expertise is in customer research, innovation and solution design. She describes herself as a problem solver who fosters goal-orientated design thinking to create products that customers love. Melissa’s career spans over 15 years in San Francisco, Sydney and Adelaide. She joined Eventbrite as their first user experience designer and built their first UX team. Melissa has also headed up design at Dwolla in the US and Product at Bluethumb in Australia. 


Andrew Berndt
Actuarial and Financial Services 

Andrew is currently an actuarial intern at the Global Insurance Accelerator, where he performs actuarial modeling, risk analysis, and data analysis for DenScore. He is a junior actuarial science major and member of the track and cross country teams at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Andrew previously worked as an actuarial intern for Sammons Financial Group in Summer 2019 and will be working for Cigna in Summer 2020.  


Tia Nieland
Graphic Designer

Tia is currently a graphic design intern at the Global Insurance Accelerator and she handles  DenScore’s brand strategy, identity, and creative direction. She is a senior in graphic design at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Her previous involvement includes working as a social media intern for the ISU Study Abroad Office while studying abroad in Rome, a graphic design intern at Model Farm, and the creative director for the student run publication Revival Magazine. 

Dr. Amit Acharya
Marshfield Clinic Research Institute
Professional Advisor

Dr. Acharya is a dentist, computer scientist and the director of the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute. He is a renowned biomedical informatics researcher and leader in value-based care modeling who lectures around the world. Dr. Acharya also sits on the Dental Quality Alliance committee, which was established by the American Dental Association, to identify performance measures for oral health care. 


Matthew Wiles
Corporate Litigation Attorney
Professional Advisor

Matthew Wiles is a partner for one of the most highly regarded law firms in the United States. He is a serial entrepreneur and serves as an advisor for multiple tech start-up companies. In addition to advising DenScore on regulatory/compliance issues, Matthew offers guidance on business strategy, financial matters and overall operations. 

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