The clear aligner market is vast with many options. It can become overwhelming for consumers to decide which system is the right fit for their needs. Let DenScore, a health navigation company, help make the decision making process easier. 


  • Invisalign, a favorite of orthodontists, is the priciest option ($3000-8000) but does have a track record of patient satisfaction especially with more complicated crowding cases. Treatment time varies (12-18 months) but expect a longer period if the crowding is more severe. Like Invisalign, ClearCorrect and SureSmile both require dentist supervision and hands on treatment. They use different materials at a lower price point to Dentists, which might help reduce the cost to customers. Most orthodontists offer free consultations to discuss treatment options. This is the ideal time to discuss financing, warranty, and system options depending on your specific treatment needs.
  • AlignerCo offers budget friendly ($800-1200) and flexible financing options for those who cannot pay in one lump sum. They do not require in person visits and boast of faster treatment times. On average, customers can expect a 4-6 month treatment period. They provide a money back guarantee for those who do not qualify for treatment. 
  • NewSmile provides retainers and whitening in their treatment package. They also provide clinical support for those needing assistance. This is a budget friendly system at $1395. Like AlignerCo, they provide a money back guarantee for those who do not qualify for treatment.
  • Candid does require an in office visit with your dentist and is more costly than some of the other aligner systems. They offer the option for you to send teeth scans to your dentist with a comprehensive remote monitoring program. This is a costlier system at $3500 because it relies on a hybrid model. Any warranty is at the discretion of the Dentist.
  • Byte, a popular at home service, uses vibration technology to help with the aligner fit. They offer nighttime options for those who do not want to wear their aligners during the day. The daytime aligners cost $1,999. The at-night option is a bit pricier at $2399. They do offer a protection plan as an add on option. Estimated treatment time is approximately 4-5 months. 

These companies are constantly updating their offerings with pricing specials and updated technology. With so many choices, it is recommended to consult with an orthodontist to determine your level of crowding and which system might work best for you. Also, read the fine print of any refunds or guarantee policies. 


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