The unexpected closure of Smile Direct Club has left many customers confused. Those who are in the midst of treatment face the most challenges as their services are in limbo. There are options for continued care under the direction of a licensed professional. Many orthodontists offer free consultations to discuss your treatment plan including cost. To make services accessible, most provide in-house or third party financing options. Although it may be tempting to wait for a resolution from the company, unmonitored orthodontic treatment can be harmful to both teeth and bone. Rest assured, there are experts who can provide you the guidance and clinical care you deserve.

DenScore’s Tips

  • The best option is to find an orthodontist near you. Some general dentists may be able to help you but orthodontists usually have more experience and training when it comes to straightening teeth. The benefits include more in-person supervision and reliable assistance with any treatment concerns.
  • Consider reaching out to a company such as OrthoFX for a care transition consultation. 
  • Continue wearing your aligners. If you stop wearing your aligners, your teeth can shift quickly and cause you to take a step back in your treatment.
  • Continue brushing and flossing your teeth and cleaning your aligners.


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