Embarking on a journey to achieve a straighter smile is an exciting step, and with the advancements in orthodontic treatments, it’s more accessible than ever. However, before diving into the world of braces or aligners, ensuring the foundation of your oral health is solid is paramount. DenScore, your trusted health navigation partner, presents a comprehensive guide on the top five things you should do before straightening your teeth.

  1. Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned:

The journey to straighter teeth begins with a clean slate, quite literally. Scheduling a professional teeth cleaning with your dentist is the initial step towards creating a healthy environment for orthodontic treatment. This thorough cleaning removes plaque, tartar, and surface stains, providing a pristine surface for braces or aligners to work effectively.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, a clean set of teeth also reduces the risk of complications during and after orthodontic treatment. By starting with a fresh canvas, you set the stage for optimal alignment and minimize the chances of issues like tooth decay or gum disease interfering with your journey to a straighter smile.

  1. Treat Dental Diseases (e.g., Cavities, Gum Disease) Beforehand:

Before delving into orthodontic treatment, it’s crucial to address any underlying dental diseases. Tooth decay and gum disease can jeopardize the success of your straightening efforts and lead to complications down the road. Prioritize treating these conditions before moving forward with braces or aligners.

Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination to identify and treat cavities. Addressing gum disease is equally important, as inflamed or infected gums can hinder the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment. By resolving dental diseases beforehand, you not only pave the way for a smoother orthodontic journey but also contribute to the overall health of your smile.

  1. Conduct a Comprehensive Dental Checkup:

Once your teeth are clean and any existing dental issues are addressed, it’s time for a comprehensive dental checkup. Beyond routine examinations, this step involves a detailed assessment of your oral health to identify any potential issues that could impact your orthodontic treatment.

Your dentist will examine the overall health of your teeth, looking for signs of decay, cracks, or structural issues. Additionally, they will evaluate your gum health to ensure there are no indications of periodontal disease. This thorough examination provides a holistic view of your oral health and enables your orthodontist to tailor a treatment plan that considers all aspects of your unique situation.

  1. Assess and Address Jaw Alignment:

Orthodontic issues often extend beyond the alignment of individual teeth. It’s essential to assess the alignment of your jaw to ensure proper function and stability. An orthodontist can conduct a comprehensive examination to identify any irregularities in your bite, jaw positioning, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) function.

Addressing jaw alignment issues before straightening your teeth is crucial for several reasons. First, it ensures that your orthodontic treatment plan takes into account the broader aspects of your oral health. Second, correcting jaw alignment issues can contribute to long-term stability and comfort in your bite.

  1. Evaluate and Manage Teeth Grinding (Bruxism):

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common issue that can significantly impact the success of orthodontic treatment. Grinding can cause excessive wear on teeth, compromise the results of orthodontic work, and even lead to jaw pain and headaches.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of bruxism, such as worn-down teeth or jaw discomfort, it’s crucial to address this issue before starting orthodontic treatment. Your dentist may recommend a custom-fitted night guard to protect your teeth from grinding forces while you sleep. Managing bruxism ensures that your straightened teeth remain healthy and functional in the long run.

Embarking on a journey to straighten your teeth is an exciting step towards a confident and beautiful smile. However, prioritizing your oral health before starting orthodontic treatment is paramount for long-term success. DenScore encourages you to follow these five essential steps, from getting your teeth cleaned and treating dental diseases to conducting a comprehensive dental checkup, assessing and addressing jaw alignment, and evaluating and managing teeth grinding.

By taking these proactive measures, you’ll not only set the stage for a successful orthodontic experience but also contribute to the overall health and longevity of your smile. Trust DenScore to guide you through each step of your oral health journey, ensuring that you achieve the radiant smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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Written By: Kushagra Goel

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Gita Yitta